Liz M.

I live in Germany where my dental insurance isn’t accepted so I took the opportunity during my visit to Connecticut to get myself and my 2 boys a check up. I was nervous about finding a dentist because I happen to be of the belief that many dentists are crooks. I’ve had dentists tell me that I needed work done that wasn’t necessary (2nd opinions are always a good idea) and knowing that my insurance only covers cleanings and xrays I don’t exactly want to pay out of pocket for any other procedures.

Well, I called this office and right away I realized that the lady in the office was more than willing to work with me, understood my situation (I needed 3 appts within a week and that I have somewhat limited insurance) and very friendly. She understands what it is to give great customer service. She made our appts for the following day (that’s the fastest I’ve EVER gotten a dental appt) and told me what I needed to bring. I showed up and as I expected everyone was VERY professional and knowledgeable. The lady at the front desk (sorry, I wish I knew her name) even knew what my insurance would cover and was sure tell the hygeniest. The dental hygeniest was excellent as were the 2 that cleaned my boys teeth. The dentist, Dr. Vincent Cianciulli, was very professional. He did a thorough exam and made sure to address my concerns and explain them in a way that I understood them. Also a huge plus…He didn’t make us wait. He came in shortly after our cleanings 🙂

I will be back…whenever I’m back visiting in CT.

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